Odessa is an amazing multinational city of and has worldwide fame. Odessa is part of many tourist routes of the Mediterranean. Port regularly receives famous cruise ships, performing world travels. Huge number of tourists every year comes to rest on the Black Sea coast.

туризм в одессу

The mild climate, beautiful beaches and friendly atmosphere contribute to this. Resorts in Odessa are opened in spring and are closed in late autumn. The fact that the autumn weather in Odessa is also attractive as well as  summer – the sea is as warm, reducing the number of people which leads to fall in house prices, and entertainment.

Holidays in Odessa are diverse. You can relax on the beach, visit the sights, enjoy the beauty of the parks and admire the old town.

A little piece of Odessa history

If you compare the history of Odessa with a history of other cities of Ukraine and Russia, we can say that it is much different. Influenced by European culture, known European politicians and financiers, Odessa was built as a “window to Europe.” Its construction was attended by the best professionals in the construction industry. According to a single plan of building erected unique buildings, unique architectural masterpieces, which are still pleasing to look at for residents as well as for a numerous visitors. Steppe was mastered by planting of parks and gardens, beaches and swimming baths were built. Dusty Odessa gradually transformed into green gardens. Orientation focused on Europe, Germany. Odessa worked as a magnet for European artists and aristocratic society.

Cozy, green paradise on earth – Odessa city was named “Southern Palmira.”

Odessa locals are very careful about what concerns history and culture of the city. Almost every tree and building in Odessa is decorated with commemorative plaques. Duke stands on the same spot where it was installed and accompanies with his look ships sailing form the port and meets tourists ascending the Potemkin Stairs.

двенадцатом стуле Остапа Бендера в городском саду

What sights can we see in Odessa

You want to get an unforgettable experience of staying in Odessa? Certainly the most famous sights of the city on the Black Sea coast are Opera House; famous Potemkin stairs, which became famous after the movie “Battleship Potemkin”; Primorskiy Boulevard; Duc de Richelieu – famous monument; many museums and just the city itself with its unique ancient architecture.


You can take pictures in the twelfth chair Ostap Bender in the city garden, choose a painting at the art exhibition at the Cathedral Square.

To make all these attractions more accessible for you so that you don’t have to get into the center and spend your time, you can rent a daily apartment in the heart of the city at an affordable price. We will provide you with a comfortable accommodation and high quality service.

Оперный театр Одессы

You can just walk around the streets of the city. You can watch the kids having fun run on the Potemkin stairs and if you’re lucky, you’ll see a huge cruise ship in port. Shevchenko Park, “Arcadia”, Botanical Gardens of Odessa National University, flower exhibitions and the works of landscape designers in the French Boulevard, Palace of Sports there are many attractions. You only need have a  comfortable pair of shoes.

There is also very many places of interest  for children in Odessa. Dolphinarium “Nemo”, a circus, a zoo, and many others.

And of course the tourist infrastructure of the city is constantly evolving in the field of recreation for youth. Famous nightclubs and discos in Arcadia, excursions into the catacombs. And also many other excursions will introduce tourists to the attractions of Odessa resort.

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